Laptop 386sx and its fixes

Recently got myself this nice Laptop 386sx. Could not get much information about it inittaily, but later found that it is basically same as Twinhead Superlap 386SX. As it is written in this nice brochure, it is portable desktop alternative, of the era 🙂

Twinhead Superlap 386sx brochure

Firs inspection showed that CMOS battery is dead, had to replace it.

The found that hard drive was not working, found and issue and fixed hard drive.

Floppy drive was not working either, had ti diassamble and fix it.

Besides that, PSU was broken during shipping, I had to play some puzzle with glue to put that poor thing together.


  1. This is the sharp CE-4501 laptop from he year 1987.
    I read that you fixed the PSU.
    Can you give me the specifications of your working PSU ?
    Output voltage ? Output current ? (Ampère)
    Mine is bad and need to look for a replacement.

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