GPS modules data

January 2, 2023 User 0

Here I will be posting comparison and data of GPS modules I have. Module Chip HDOP Cold start sec. (indoor) HT1818U8G5L  ubx-g8030-kt(probably m8030)so its series […]

Fixing Robotron 1715

April 15, 2022 User 0

I have a couple of Robotron 1715 in my collection and both are dead (1715 and 1715M). For 1715 I managed to fix PSU (, […]

IBM 5150 RAM repair

September 16, 2021 User 0

After repairing the PSU of IBM 5150 I was left with a couple of errors one of which was related to RAM. The main error […]

IBM 5150 PSU repair

September 16, 2021 User 1

Got me a nice IBM 5150 PC. This is the first PC of its class and I will make a separate post about it when […]