Fixing Conner CP-3044 hard drive from old 386sx laptop

One of fixes I did to my Laptop 386sx was fixing Conner CP-3044 hard drive.

This hard drive was identified by the system, but randomly (most of the time) it could not be initialized.

After removing cover I found that its head get stuck in its edge positions.

Conner CP-3044 hard drive head gets stuck in on of those positions
I was thinking maybe to clean those rubbers, but found that after those year this robber converted itself in to so sticky substance.
I have removed magnets and decided to clean this rubber away. I know it meant to prevent head slamming in to the edges or make it more silent but there is no other choice, it has to go away.
No more sticky stuff.
Going back in to its place.
And hard drive is working again! 🙂

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  1. Hi, I have the same problem. How can I remove the magnets to clean the rubbers? With only two screws?, I’m afraid of breaking something…

    Thank you so much

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