ZX Spectrim 128 +3 composite video output and drive belt replacement

Did some work on ZX Spectrum 128 +3 I have. One thing was I wanted to make it work with small "TFT Color monitor" (for a car rear view). This monitor has a composite video input. First I tried using CSYNK and GND signals for a composite video input. You get the video but it was terrible quality. It seems that "The 128 ZX Spectrums including the +3 (and +2A, +2B) have audio sound modulated onto the video, which reduces the clarity of the composite signal that is available at…

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Some notes from The Spectrum Show

Some notes I made watching The Spectrum Show. New games: Antiquity Jones 2012 Paul Jenksinson More Tea Vicar 2012 Cronosoft Future Looter 2011 Timmy Alter Ego 2011 RetroSouls Genesis: Dawn of a new day 2010 RetroWorks Interesting old games: Glug Glug 1984 CRL Ninja Hamster 1987 CRL Worth remembering: Arcade Pac-Man emulator for ZX Spectrum Arcade game designer 2008 Chronosoft  

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Making ZX Spectrum edge connector

If You are a little bit into retro computing and would like to experiment with ZX Spectrum computer outputs or make some extension board for it for some prototyping, then you need ZX Spectrum edge connector ( if we talk about original ZX Spectrums ). It is easy to make one by Yourself, just buy some regular 28x2P 56P 2.54mm 0.1" edge connectors on ebay and saw off both ends of it so they could be used for ZX Spectrum, done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMIq1yrzVTo

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Cleaning and repairing ZX Spectrum +3

Got a somewhat cheap ZX Spectrum +3 to my collection. It was marked as untested in eBay ( they usually are ), but I took the risk and bought as the price was ok.  On first test it powered up, the floppy disk was providing sound, TV could be tuned and startup menu appeared. First noticed that some of the keys ( lower part ) were not working. My guess would be that membrane will have to be replaced but anyway, disassembly will show. And it showed. As it more…

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Interface 1bis file not found error

Purchased Interface 1 bis for the ZX Spectrum. There are plenty information about it and installing and preparing SD card on manufacturers site https://sites.google.com/site/interface1bis/ But I have encountered a problem - could not start it and was allways getting "file not found" error.Did all steps described in troubleshooting video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYHhWQyVWAU Loaded OpSys from PC using LOAD command, program loads OK. But when I do NEW and then RUN I get "file not found" error. Solution I found was that I had to repeat all prepare SD card steps, but additionally had to add comparability with Windows 8 (and run as administrator off course)…

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Some links for ZX Assemlby programming

Making games in ZX Spectrum assembly book ( russian lang.):http://zxpress.ru/book.php?id=2How to write ZX Spectrum games tutorial in English:https://chuntey.wordpress.com/2012/12/18/how-to-write-zx-spectrum-games-chapter-1/Spectrum ROM routines:http://skoolkit.ca/disassemblies/rom/asm/2852.htmlZ80 instruction set:http://clrhome.org/table/Group in FB dedicated for Z80 assembly programming:https://www.facebook.com/groups/z80asm/WOS forum link:http://www.worldofspectrum.org/forums/categories/assemblerAnother forum (ru):http://zx-pk.ru/forums/14-programmirovanie.htmlSome more books (ru):http://vtrdos.ru/

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Repairing ZX Spectrum Kempston joystick

As recently I started tinkering with ZX Spectrum hardware, tested one old joystick I had. Up and right positions did not work during the games. Tested port reading with one simple program:10 LET x=IN 3120 PRINT X30 GOTO 10There was no reading in up and right position.I took apart joystick case and tested connection between PCB and plug - there was no connection for up and right wires.So, just took now DB9 female connector and soldered it instead of an old one that I have just cut away. 

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