XT-CF-Lite cards

For my PS/2 setup, that does not have any hard drive but just two 720k floppy drives and 3 ISA slots, I decided to make ISA XT-CF card so that Compact flash could be used as hdd.

There are couple of them on the internet, but I have chosen to make this one http://www.malinov.com/Home/sergeys-projects/xt-cf-lite as it had good descriptions and pcb files ready for fabrication.

Ordered 5 boards and required components. Soldering was relatively easy. I made five boards in total. Two I will leave for my retro hardware. And other three probably will be sold.

I had a 4gb SanDisk Extreme III Compact Flash card that I used to test all boards. XT-CF switch settings I used for PS/2 30 can be seen in pictures.

Card was recognized instantly. Then I created required partitions and formatted drives ( I used DOS 5 on this retro pc ). But even after moving system to cf, cf was not booting. fdisk /mbr fixed issue.

5 xt-cf-lite cards
xt-cf-lite card in front of pc i was testing it on
5 xt-cf-lite cards with sticker noting assembly date in track whether i have tested it
Boot screen of one of xt-cf cards

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