DC Transients

Capacitor vs Inductor Capacitor Fig 4.2.2 Capacitor Voltage Fig 4.2.3 Capacitor Current   Inductor Fig. 4.4.2 Current Through an Inductor Fig. 4.4.3 Voltage Across an Inductor


Signal Differentiation and Integration

Good explanation about Differentiation "The output wave of a DIFFERENTIATOR CIRCUIT is ideally a graph of the rate of change of the voltage at its input." Fig.8.4.1 The Differentiator Circuit Fig 8.4.2 Differentiation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And Integration "The shape of the input wave of an integrator circuit in this case will be a graph of the rate of change of the output wave " "The low pass filter circuit is therefore called an integrator only when: a. The input wave is a square wave. b. The periodic time(T) of the input wave is much shorter than the circuit time constant(CR) i.e.(T<=CR)." Fig. 8.5.1 The Integrator (also low-pass filter) Circuit. Fig. 8.5.2 Integrator Action


Duty cycle vs frequency

Good explanation is here. See the image: Frequency = 1 / Tcycle and Hertz is the unit of frequency. It gives the number of cycles in one second. Duty cycle = Thigh / Tcycle. It gives fraction of one cycle for which the signal is high.


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