Bowerbuilder datawindow autosize problem

You have a datawindow. Datawindow has an Autosize Height set to Details band. You insert a row, set a long string value to some field expecting that field to be auto-sized. And it is, but you don’t see a text as Details band does not auto-size. What to do? Whan way to fix this is to call Sort() somewhere after you set v the value fro the datawindow to refresh and auto-size to take effect. But that does not work all times ( for example … you dont want to sort data now). Another way is to set:

dw.Modify ( ‘DataWindow.Header.Height.AutoSize=yes’)

This will also make datawindow to resize all the bands and auto-size will take effect then.

Ikea BILLY Bookcase and VW Passat station wagon

If You were wondering if Ikea Billy Bookcase (Article Number: 390.178.39) would fit to transport in WV Passat station wagon than answer is Yes, I would guess even maybe 2 or 3 bookcases would fit there (though you have to move front passenger seat as far as possible).

Packages: 6
Article Number Packages Width Height Length Diameter Weight
50263838 3 15 ¼ ”
39 cm
2 ½ ”
6 cm
81 ¼ ”
206 cm
47 lb 7 oz
21.53 kg
90263860 3 14 ”
35 cm
2 ¾ ”
7 cm
14 ¼ ”
36 cm
9 lb 4 oz
4.19 kg
Ikea Billly in VW Passat
Ikea Billly in VW Passat
Ikea in VW Passat
Ikea in VW Passat
Ikea Billy Bookcase
Ikea Billy Bookcase