Garden solar light teardown

Bought 3 cheap garden solar lights, each < 1.00 Eur just to see how do they work. One did not work from the start. Another stopped working after a weak. Third worked well during all summer.
One had: circuit with a chip marked 5252F 1109, Ni-MH battery 2/3AA 300mAh 1.2V. Another with YX8018 0157 chip, Ni-MH battery 2/3 AAA 300mAh 1.2V.
Some Googling for those chips leads to these similar circuits:
5252F 电路图
 Lamps by them self, nothing special to disassemble, just few photos:

Usefull free software

Avast antivirus

Super Anti Spyware

Microsoft AppLocale Utility – Microsoft AppLocale is a utility that allows Unicode (UTF-16) based Windows XP and 2003 users to run non-Unicode legacy (code-page based) applications without changing the current system locale. AppLocale automatically detects language for non-Unicode program and simulates a corresponding system locale for code-page to/from Unicode conversions.


Debugging Oracle PL/SQL procedures using SQL Developer

1. Start SQL Developer and connect to DBMS.
2. Grant:
3. Start remote debug, enter Port and IP address which is accessible from DBMS.
4. Execute “execute DBMS_DEBUG_JDWP.CONNECT_TCP(‘your ip’,4000);”.
5. Select procedure, add breakpoint, compile for debug.
6. debug procedure (ctrl+shif+f10), enter IP if needed.


PowerBuilder 8 OLE insert crash

I had same work with an old PowerBuilder 8 application maintenance and upgrade. While trying to add OLE control to a windows PB constantly crashed. PB and Windows XP reinstall didn’t helped. I found a hint here

In short:
1. Download Process Monitor
2. Add filter to pb80.exe process and path that begins with HKCR\CLSID
3. Try to add OLE with PB (make it crash)
4. Find last entry that ends with Control, search this CLSID with regedit
5. Reregister dll You found.
In my case it was regsvr32 %systemroot%\system32\mstscax.dll
Problem solved.

MMA7455 and LGA package

Some time ago I got MMA7455L Three Axis Low-g Digital Output Accelerometer to play with, whohoo! But its an LGA package:

Worries no more, a little bit soldering yesterday and now I can proceed testing it:

I have not tested it, though, so stay tuned 😉

Nokia CA-53 cable (USB cable used for flashing) pinout

Pin Signal Description
5 Vcc +5V PC USB pin 1
6 USB DATA+ PC USB pin 3
7 USB DATA- PC USB pin 2
8 GND PC USB pin 4

Nokia (6131 in my case) flashing (programming)

Good info here –

In a nutshell:
1. Clean PC from any nokia software:

2. Restart PC

3. Download and install Pxoenix 2009
4. Download and install Your phone firmware
5. Restart PC
6. Connect phone to PC using USB cable
7. In Pxoenix 2009 – manage connections, add and apply USB connection
8. Scan product (Ctrl+R)
9. If phone not found – check cable
10. If still no luck – GO TO 1.
11. Select Flashing->Firmware update
12. Select product (if not selected)
13. Press Refurbish
14. Pray…
You can also Flash dead Nokia which does not start – then:
in a step 7 select No connection (remove other connections)
in a step 8 just select Open product and select Your product
And everything at Your own risk !