Ubuntu install Clojure

sudo apt install default-jre sudo apt install openjdk-11-jre-headless sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre-headless sudo apt install leiningen lein repl //Install IntelliJ IDEA snap install intellij-idea-community --classic --edge intellij-idea-communituy

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PowerBuilder, different DD list values for each row

Source http://www.pbdr.com/pbtips/dw/fltrdddw.htm Step 1 - declare instance variables boolean ib_dropdowndropped = False boolean ib_dropdownredrawn = True Step 2 - extend the pbm_dropdown event ib_dropdowndropped = True ib_dropdownredrawn = False of_Filter(True) ib_dropdownredrawn = True Step 3 - extend the pbm_ncpaint event If (ib_dropdowndropped And ib_dropdownredrawn) Then ib_dropdowndropped = False ib_dropdownredrawn = False of_Filter(False) ib_dropdownredrawn = True End If Step 4 - write the of_Filter (boolean ab_switch) subroutine datawindowchild ldwc long ll_getitemnumber string ls_setfilter = "" If (ab_switch) Then ll_getitemnumber = GetItemNumber(GetRow(), "order_status_id") If (ll_getitemnumber = 1) Then // cancelled -> cancelled ls_setfilter…

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Some reads for new project

Combining a Z80 and an ATmega644P to boot CP/M http://benryves.com/journal/3662496 Teensy Z80 – Part 1 – Intro, Memory, Serial I/O and Display http://labs.domipheus.com/blog/teensy-z80-part-1-intro-memory-serial-io-and-display/ http://cpuville.com/index.htm http://cpuville.com/cpm_on_new_computer.html http://cpuville.com/cpu_design.pdf  

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MMA7455 and LGA package

Some time ago I got MMA7455L Three Axis Low-g Digital Output Accelerometer to play with, whohoo! But its an LGA package:Worries no more, a little bit soldering yesterday and now I can proceed testing it:I have not tested it, though, so stay tuned ;)

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Nokia (6131 in my case) flashing (programming)

Good info here - http://forum.mobiles.lt/index.php?topic=10487.0In a nutshell:1. Clean PC from any nokia software:Uninstall All Nokia SoftwareUninstall PC SuitRun Nokia_PC_Suite_CleanerClean registry Rename/remove wdf01000.sys from windows\system32\drivers\ 2. Restart PC3. Download and install Pxoenix 20094. Download and install Your phone firmware5. Restart PC6. Connect phone to PC using USB cable7. In Pxoenix 2009 - manage connections, add and apply USB connection8. Scan product (Ctrl+R)9. If phone not found - check cable10. If still no luck - GO TO 1.11. Select Flashing->Firmware update12. Select product (if not selected)13. Press Refurbish14. Pray...You can also Flash…

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