PowerBuilder, different DD list values for each row

Source http://www.pbdr.com/pbtips/dw/fltrdddw.htm Step 1 – declare instance variables boolean ib_dropdowndropped = False boolean ib_dropdownredrawn = True Step 2 – extend the pbm_dropdown event ib_dropdowndropped = True ib_dropdownredrawn = False of_Filter(True) ib_dropdownredrawn = True Step 3 – extend the pbm_ncpaint event If (ib_dropdowndropped And ib_dropdownredrawn) Then ib_dropdowndropped = False ib_dropdownredrawn = False of_Filter(False) ib_dropdownredrawn = True End […]

Nokia (6131 in my case) flashing (programming)

Good info here – http://forum.mobiles.lt/index.php?topic=10487.0 In a nutshell:1. Clean PC from any nokia software: Uninstall All Nokia Software Uninstall PC Suit Run Nokia_PC_Suite_Cleaner Clean registry Rename/remove wdf01000.sys from windows\system32\drivers\ 2. Restart PC 3. Download and install Pxoenix 2009 4. Download and install Your phone firmware5. Restart PC 6. Connect phone to PC using USB cable […]