Removing stuck drill chuck the hard way – cutting it with grinder

Recently chuck of my Skil hammer drill (Skil 6785 750w hammer drill) got stuck while drilling some concrete. After some googling found few instructions how to remove stuck drill bit. But after removing drill bit I noticed that chuck itself is not functioning normally anymore. So it had to be replaced also. But after few failed attempts to unscrew the chuck it was clear that I will not be able to do that - its stuck like it was welded. Having no more ideas I took my grinder and decided somehow to cut the chuck out. After the first attempt, I could remove most of the chuck parts, but still not able to remove chuck itself. The second attempt - removed almost all of drill¬†chuck, still no luck to unscrew it. So decided to disassemble drill itself and see maybe I will get any ideas or better grip. Removed shaft with the whats left of the chuck and gear. After some more not so accurate cutting with a grinder and few hits with the metal punch finally I was able to unscrew the chuck from the drill. Noticed that while cutting I have damaged threads of the shaft, but…

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Quick test of Bosch AdvancedVac 20

Quick test of Bosch Advanced Vac 20 vacuum cleaner I bought for our garage - tested with some sawdust, rubber carpet, attached to power tool (skil jigsaw), in general - it sucks! As it is supposed to do :) Haven`t tested with water yet, but water is not what I bought it for so maybe later.


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