LK106 GPS Tracker teardown

Some photos of tear down of GPS tracker I have ("LK106 Mini GPS Tracker Locator Waterproof Drop Resistance Dustproof for Kids Olders Pets"). To connect to GPS tracker by Android app - install TKSTAR GPS from Google play, further instructions here¬†  


Garden solar light teardown

Bought 3 cheap garden solar lights, each < 1.00 Eur just to see how do they work. One did not work from the start. Another stopped working after a weak. Third worked well during all summer. One had: circuit with a chip marked 5252F 1109, Ni-MH battery 2/3AA 300mAh 1.2V. Another with YX8018 0157 chip, Ni-MH battery 2/3 AAA 300mAh 1.2V. Some Googling for those chips leads to these similar circuits:  Lamps by them self, nothing special to disassemble, just few photos:


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