Lee Pro 1000 primer pusher plans

Here you can find Lee Pro 1000 primer pusher plans forn NotAnExpert Youtube channel:   Original video describing this Lee Pro 1000 modification: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEyRL9Cfo5o&t=123s  


Reloading 9mm Luger with Limit-Z, FIOCCHI and Vihtavuori N340

Here some notes for my reloading stuff. At the moment, I reload 9mmm Luger with Lee Pro 1000 progressive press. Probably I should write a review for this press someday as there is a lot of to say about it because this press is not for fainthearted. Anyway, that will be later, now reloading notes below. For my 9x19 reloads I currently use: Limit-Z FMJ-RN 124gn bullets Vihtavouri N340 gun powder FIOCCHI small pistol primers From Vihtavouri N340 datasheet for 124gn FMJ-RN bullet, one should use from 4.5 to 5.1 grains of powder. I have used disk .53 from Lee auto-disk powder measure that should measure 5.0 grains of N340. Actual powder amount I got with it was 4.8-4.9 grains. Anyway, I already made and fired over 1000 rounds using this combination with no any issues. Economics. Case - free, just have o remember to collect spent cases in range :P Limit-z bullet - 0,065 Eur. One primer - 0,028 Eur. Powder N340 - 500g 59eur, 500s is ~7700gn and it should be enough for ~1540 loads and that is approximately 0,038 Eur per load. In total 0,065 + 0,028 + 0,038 = 0.131 Eur for reloaded cartridge. Cost of brand new…


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