ESP12E dev kit “cant autodetect firmware, because proper answer not received.”

After flashing NodeMCU dev kit to latest build could not connect to it with¬†ESPlorer, error was – “cant autodetect firmware because proper answer not received.”.

It was because baud rate was changed in later firmware, after setting the baud rate to 115200 all was fixed.


Reading DHT22 and Light sensor data using NodeMCU dev board

Experimented with reading DHT22 amd Light sensor modules using NodeMCU ESP12E development board. Main problem I had that timer did not work on old firmware, had to update it ( read previous post ). Other that that all went fine and could read data.
One strange thing is that I am getting temperature a little bit higher than actual. Not sure why is that, maybe because board is powered by 3.3v and not 5v. Will have to find out that later.


if not tmr.alarm(0, 5000, tmr.ALARM_AUTO , function() 

print("Starting to read data:")

light = or ""

pin = 4
status, temp, humi, temp_dec, humi_dec = dht.readxx(pin)

if status == dht.OK then

-- Float firmware using this example
print("DHT Temperature:"..temp..";".."Humidity:"..humi)

elseif status == dht.ERROR_CHECKSUM then
print( "DHT Checksum error." )
elseif status == dht.ERROR_TIMEOUT then
print( "DHT timed out." )

end) then print("whoopsie") end