Reloading 9mm Luger with Limit-Z, FIOCCHI and Vihtavuori N340

Here some notes for my reloading stuff. At the moment, I reload 9mmm Luger with Lee Pro 1000 progressive press. Probably I should write a review for this press someday as there is a lot of to say about it because this press is not for fainthearted. Anyway, that will be later, now reloading notes below. For my 9x19 reloads I currently use: Limit-Z FMJ-RN 124gn bullets Vihtavouri N340 gun powder FIOCCHI small pistol primers From Vihtavouri N340 datasheet for 124gn FMJ-RN bullet, one should use from 4.5 to 5.1 grains of powder. I have used disk .53 from Lee auto-disk powder measure that should measure 5.0 grains of N340. Actual powder amount I got with it was 4.8-4.9 grains. Anyway, I already made and fired over 1000 rounds using this combination with no any issues. Economics. Case - free, just have o remember to collect spent cases in range :P Limit-z bullet - 0,065 Eur. One primer - 0,028 Eur. Powder N340 - 500g 59eur, 500s is ~7700gn and it should be enough for ~1540 loads and that is approximately 0,038 Eur per load. In total 0,065 + 0,028 + 0,038 = 0.131 Eur for reloaded cartridge. Cost of brand new…


Zeroing Target – 50/200 meters Zero at 10 meters

If you want to zero for 50-200 meters at 10 meters and save some walking just use this ballistic calculator to get bullet drop at 10 meters with your bullet and location data (provide that zero is at 50m). Then put two dots on target, one on the middle, another below at distance you have calculated for bullet drop for 10 meters. From 10 meters aim at the upper point and adjust optics so it would hit at lower. Done. For my location and bullet, I get 3.46 cm bullet drop for 10 meters distance.    


Vortex Strike Eagle MOA at different zoom levels

Vortex Strike Eagle optics has second focal plane BDC reticle. Documentation provides MOA for reticle crosshair at maximum 6x magnification. I was wondering how would the values change at different zoom levels and would this calculation work - MoaAtXZoom = MOAat6x*6/Xzoom. Below you can see calculated values in a table: 1 2 3 4 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 14,4 7,2 4,8 3,6 2,88 2,4 35,4 17,7 11,8 8,85 7,08 5,9 57 28,5 19 14,25 11,4 9,5 87,6 43,8 29,2 21,9 17,52 14,6 Strike Eagle BDC ReticleTested calculations at 2x zoom. Values are highly highly approximate. At ~2-3 meters had to use the lowest crosshair to hit center. At somewhere 7-8 meters were using the third crosshair. At ~15-18 meters second crosshair. Over 20 meters were using first crosshair ( rifle zeroed at ~50 meters ). Vortex has nice ballistics calculator online. So I used it with similar 223 55gr load to calculate bullet drop ( rise ) with 1-meter increment. Range Drop 0° Wind Velocity Time of Flight Energy Meters MOA MOA Feet/Second Seconds Foot lbs 1 135.29 0.00 3325 0.001 1349 2 65.88 0.00 3320 0.002 1345 3 42.75 0.00 3315 0.003 1341 4…


Shooting Tip: The FREE Glock Dry Fire Kit

Found on the internet. Basically, you just stick some piece of cardboard in your slide and by that, you can press trigger all the way down multiple times. You won't get that "click", but the trigger will have some forward spring pressure and it that is another way to practice dry fire. Read more below. Update. Tested this method. It works quite well, you can practice constant trigger pull while focusing on front sight and transitioning to different targets. I think I will include this method in my dry practicing sessions something like 10 minutes using this method, 5 minutes regular dry practice. Will see how it goes.


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