IBM PS/2 model 30-8086

Got myself IBM PS/2 model 30-8086 type 8530-002 S/N 55-2129388

Was looking to get PS/2 PC into my retro collection for quite long time as IBM PS/2 was my first real PC.

Good thing – this particular one use ISA slots.

Bad thig, it uses scsi drives. But I am making (allready made) ISA XT-CF card for it, so it will use CF card instead of hard drive.

ISA Adlib sound card is also going to be made for this.

Not so good thing – it uses 720k flopies, but it is easy to make 720k (DD) floppies from 1.44MB (HD) floppies.

Making 720k (DD) floppies from 1.44MB (HD) floppies:

  • Cover hole on the left side with some tape,
  • format a: /f:720
  • Write the image using WinImage or write required files.

Starter disc and diagnostic utilities.

Operating system: IBM PC DOS Versions 3.30 or later.

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