IBM Model M keyboard for my PS/2 model 30 build

For my IBM PS/2 build I am making I needed a proper keyboard. Model M keyboards these days are sold for a crazy prices. But recently got a good deal for rubber dome one with German layout. I don’t care if it is buckling spring or rubber dome as I am not a keyboard geek, just want to have a proper looking PS/2 setup.

Keyboard before cleaning
Keyboard model is 71G4625. Year 1994. According to it is German rubber dome Model M.
71G4625 internals
IBM model M 71G4625 after cleaning

IBM model M 71G4625 key caps after cleaning. They all heve strange dents on top part of them. Not sure if someone was messing with it or is afte manufacturing process?

According to, “On March 27, 1991, IBM divested a number of its hardware manufacturing operations, including keyboard production, forming Lexmark International. Lexmark continued manufacturing model M keyboards in the United States, United Kingdom, and Mexico, with IBM being Lexmark’s major customer. Many of these keyboards are identified be IBM assembly part numbers 52G9658, 52G9700, 71G4644, 82G2383, and 42H1292, which were bundled with IBM PS/ValuePoint and IBM PC Series. Because of pricing pressures, these keyboards were manufactured with a new, lower-cost design, including lighter plastic, an integrated cable, and a single color for key legends.”

So, it is not the real keyboard IBM PS/2 came with, but it is close enough I can get with a reasonable price.

Regarding typing feel. Well, it is quiet, moderately. Layout and key spacing is comfortable. I have cheap Chinese rubber dome keyboard near by, so comparing those, IBM keyboard needs more power to press keys. So I would say it is average keyboard, not best, bat also not terrible. I could get use to it. I very early days with my PS/2 386 I had IBM model M with buckling springs. I cannot say anything about typing feel, but sound was way higher.

But as I said, I am not a keyboard geek.

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