Second 486 PC resurrection (or 486 build #2)

Got my second 486 PC to restore.

Motherboard, 486-VIP-IO
486-VIP-IO motherboard

That is my first motherboard with VESA interface. Had no PC`s in with VESA in early days. But that may be explained by that I somehow had a gap in my PC career, I have actually skipped 486, and VESA interface is basically 486 thing and it depends on 80486.

SiS 6202 1Mb video card
Yamaha A301-G50 with YMF724F-V IC sound card
IBM branded RAM 2x4MB

Forgot to take picture of front panel, it was REALLY yellow. Now it is in improvised retrobrighting “oven” 🙂

LED was not showing all of the segments. My guess was it was just an colder soldering joint, and I was right, after going over all contacts on led pcb with soldering Iron – it was fixed.

LED before and after fix.
486-VIP-IO bios ROM, just for reference.


Bios IC used in my 486-VIO-IO motherboard was 27C010A-15

BIOS IC from 486-VIP-IO motherboard

486-VIP-IO BIOS ROM dump.

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