LCR-T4 transistor tester original firmware

Bought cheap transistor tester from eBay and currently experimenting with firmware updates.

I was able to program it with this version of Markus transistor tester firmware:

To build, use a WinAVR programmers notepad, open Makefile and select Tools->Make all.

At first, was getting weir errors, but after adding msys-1.0.dll to \WinAVR-20100110\utils\bin everything built ok.

Before doing firmware experiments, I have made backup of original firmware, if somebody needs it, you can download it here:




I tried to reflash original firmware and it worked fine.

For programming I use my MiniPro programmer.


  1. how to flash the .bin files?
    I was able to flash the newest Tester Firmware but the tester constantly stays it is not calibrated. Could calibrate it a thousand times without saving it. (Battery Plugged in)
    unfortunately i forgot to backup the original firmware.
    The version of “Jens” shows me the same message…

    • Using mini pro just select it as a BIN file type, if I understand Your question corretly. Dont forget to flash code and data. Recently I also have restored my programmer with this backup so it should work.

      • I am trying to use a JTAGICE3 within Atmel Studio 5.

        I have to push the button on the LCR-T4 to turn it on, then within AS5 I click Read (under Device Id in the JTAGICE3 window) and the power on the LCR-T4 seems to instantly go off (LCD backlight goes dark, and the Target Power LED on the JTAGICE3 goes off).

        There are so many different manufacturers of these things I doubt I have the same exact model as yours (although it sure looks identical). My bad luck!

        Guess I will dig in to the schematic…but the one I find is clearly NOT ours as it says 3V version. Any pointers here?

        Incidentally, I am wondering what the config.BIN, original code.BIN, and original data.BIN are…doesn’t winavr produce .hex and .eep?

        Also many places people bring up “Arduino” when talking about this Tester…but if the code all compiles with winavr then it is NOT Arduino, correct?

        Many thanks in advance.

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