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LCR-T4 transistor tester original firmware

Bought cheap transistor tester from eBay and currently experimenting with firmware updates.

I was able to program it with this version of Markus transistor tester firmware:

To build, use a WinAVR programmers notepad, open Makefile and select Tools->Make all.

At first, was getting weir errors, but after adding msys-1.0.dll to \WinAVR-20100110\utils\bin everything built ok.

Before doing firmware experiments, I have made backup of original firmware, if somebody needs it, you can download it here:




I tried to reflash original firmware and it worked fine.

For programming I use my MiniPro programmer.

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  1. how to flash the .bin files?
    I was able to flash the newest Tester Firmware but the tester constantly stays it is not calibrated. Could calibrate it a thousand times without saving it. (Battery Plugged in)
    unfortunately i forgot to backup the original firmware.
    The version of “Jens” shows me the same message…

    • Using mini pro just select it as a BIN file type, if I understand Your question corretly. Dont forget to flash code and data. Recently I also have restored my programmer with this backup so it should work.