Learning the Art of Electronics, Week 1

Week 1. Ohms law, power, Kirchhoff`s law V,I. Ohm`s law V=IR. So what is a Volt ? Potential energy per unit charge or work done to move a charge against electric field, form one potential to a higher potential. Dynamic resistance Rdynamic= ΔV/ΔI it is the local resistance - the tangent to the slope of the device V-I curve. Power P=I×V or derived: P=I²R or P=V²/R Kirchhoff`s law: sum of voltages around circuit is zero, sum of currents in and out of node is zero. Parallel resistance: Rtotal = (R1×R2)/(R1+R2)…

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Learning the Art Of Electronics

I have decided to get my self together and systematize my knowledge of electronics. It is very similar situation as for this guy. Electronics is my hobby. And actually one of many hobbies. I would say I have a lot of knowledge it but there are plenty of gaps and places just for intuition. Especially in circuit design. Once I have purchased a book "Learning The art Of Electronics" and used it as reference for this and that but never when through it. But this is it. My goal is…

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