First design for 3d printer
Hex key T handle Drawing

First design for 3d printer

My first design for 3d printing! You can find it on a thigverse:¬† So that is why it might be a bit over engineered, bu hey, it is fun so who cares ;) I had some hex type key for automatic yard gate engine disabling and it that plastic handle that got broken over time. So I figured out that this fix could be a good practice to learn Fusion and make my own handle design. Some design decisions and conclusions if they have worked out or not: Hex key should be fixed to the handle by tightening nut and bolt. That worked out pretty well. I decided that I will split handle horizontally for two reasons: a) it is super easy to print both parts from flat surface without any supports and b) I can select different infill: 100% for bottom part that holds hex key and has to be strong enough and I can select something like 10% for top part that is basically a decorative part. I will use two pins to join top and bottom part. That did not work very well: pins got broken on assembly ( I forgot to make them 100% infill…


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