Making old webcam to work on Windows 10

Making old webcam to work on Windows 10

Was investigating some old Fujitsu Siemens Webcam for some project, but it did not work on Windows 10 – windows did not recognize and did not have any drivers for it.

Hardware ID in device manager shows:


Searching by vendor and PID did not help.

On PCB of the webcam, I found that it is SN9C120 + S0I766

Finally searching by SN9C120 that this may be same as HP Basic Starter Camera. That led me to this Microsoft Update page where finally I have found working* driver. This driver installed on Windows 10 without problems, but Camera app was still not working.

On the internet found some general app written on .NET 3.5 for camera capture and finally that was working fine.

If windows update site is not available, you can find the driver here.

*UPDATE good app to test web cam –

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  1. Lucas

    I have been trying to find drivers for a spca504b chipset webcam with no success so far. Seems like they’re only available for 32-bit Windows.

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