Replacing MasterWatt 650W with Corsair RMx 650w

So Cooler Master - MasterWatt 650W had some noisy coil whine when under load and I replaced it with Corsair - RMx 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply. Happy with it. Almost no coil whine when loaded, dead silent on normal use. And it is rated better and has very positive reviews and price/value ratio, so would recommend it. As a bonus it has bag for cables and PSU itself (I don`t imagine where one would use the latter as it is not a thing that you carry around, but anyway... ).    


PSU mounting – fan facing up or down

My two cents rant about PSU fan facing up or down when it is mounted in the bottom of the case when talking about semi fan less power supplies. Facing up: Heat goes up. When PSU fan is off, all that little heat will go up directly to the GPU. When PSU fan is on, you are cooling PSU with a warmer air from inside of the case. Facing down: When PSU fan is off. Heat goes up. But between PSU circuit board and GPU you have PSU metal case acting as heat sink, so in theory it should not heat GPU so much. But, in theory, heat should accumulator faster in PSU case itself and PSU fans should start spinning sooner. When PSU fan is on. You are taking cooler air from outside that should cool PSU faster. Considering PC case has some gap from the floor and air intake holes. And plus. If You have water cooling and it is mounted somewhere above, and one day it fails, in this case You probably wont have water dripping through Your supplies fan hole directly in to the high voltage circuitry, at least immediately... My verdict - bottom mount…


MasterWatt 650W coil whine when loaded by graphics card

Cooler Master – MasterWatt 650W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply is whining like a bitch when loaded by Gigabyte 1070 G1. When I installed Gigabyte 1070 G1 to my PC and started testing it with various benchmarks and games noticed unpleasant sound from PC case that was related to what was happening on screen (FPS, brightness etc ). Got worried that that is video card as you cannot exactly determine source of sound when everything was in case. Google tough me that this is probably combination of coil whine and bad luck or as it called "coil whine lottery" - even with same brand sometimes you can get it. As my first suspect was graphic card, started googling and trying different things to get rid of it: overclock, under clock gpu, change some power settings in bios, limit frame rate. But nothing helped. Then i decided to try to identify source of the sound more precisely. I took PSU out of case, connected it outside and suddenly realized that sound source was not from GPU (gpu was totally silent) but from PSU itself. When idle or stress testing just CPU, RAM, SSD or integrated video - PSU is super…


New PC build, and overclocking i5-8600k to 5GHz

Building my new desktop PC. You can find the part list at the end. Monitor and video card are still on the way, but everything else is already assembled and being tested. Its long time I had a desktop PC and for some time was only laptop user so now I really had fun building it. Purpose of this desktop was software development (VisualStudio .NET mostly), learning and experimenting with deep neural networks (participating in some courses now), some gaming (Fallout 4, Battlefield series). Also wanted to last so was building it for future, I hope. CPU Intel was an obvious choice, never been AMD user. Now they have 8th series with 4 cores for i3 and even 6 cores for i5 and i7. Decided to go with Intel - Core i5-8600K 3.6GHz 6-Core Processor as it is in a nice middle and has really nice overclocking capabilities up to 5000MHz. Cooler While investigating current market stumbled upon Cooler Master - MasterLiquid ML240L RGB 66.7 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler. It had really positive reviews and competitive price so decided to go with it. And it even has RGB feature. And I really like AIO as I will not have to…


PowerBuilder, different DD list values for each row, another way Make a second copy of the Color column and have this always contain all the rows in its dddw.  This second column is never filtered. When the row is not the current row, display the column with the unfiltered dddw and hide the filter column.  If the row is the current row, show the column with the filtered dddw, and hide the column with the dddw with all the possible rows.  To do this, add the following expression to the visibility attribute of the column with the dddw which gets filtered: IF (CurrentRow() = GetRow(), 1, 0) The column with the dddw which always contains all the values will have the following expression in its visibility attribute: IF (CurrentRow() = GetRow(), 0, 1)


PowerBuilder, different DD list values for each row

Source Step 1 - declare instance variables boolean ib_dropdowndropped = False boolean ib_dropdownredrawn = True Step 2 - extend the pbm_dropdown event ib_dropdowndropped = True ib_dropdownredrawn = False of_Filter(True) ib_dropdownredrawn = True Step 3 - extend the pbm_ncpaint event If (ib_dropdowndropped And ib_dropdownredrawn) Then ib_dropdowndropped = False ib_dropdownredrawn = False of_Filter(False) ib_dropdownredrawn = True End If Step 4 - write the of_Filter (boolean ab_switch) subroutine datawindowchild ldwc long ll_getitemnumber string ls_setfilter = "" If (ab_switch) Then ll_getitemnumber = GetItemNumber(GetRow(), "order_status_id") If (ll_getitemnumber = 1) Then // cancelled -> cancelled ls_setfilter = "(order_status_id = 1)" ElseIf (ll_getitemnumber = 2) Then // confirmed -> confirmed ls_setfilter = "(order_status_id = 2)" ElseIf (ll_getitemnumber = 3) Then // new -> cancelled, new, pending ls_setfilter = "(order_status_id = 1) or (order_status_id = 3) or (order_status_id = 4)" ElseIf (ll_getitemnumber = 4) Then // pending -> cancelled, confirmed, pending ls_setfilter = "(order_status_id = 1) or (order_status_id = 2) or (order_status_id = 4)" End If End If GetChild("order_status_id", ldwc) ldwc.SetFilter(ls_setfilter) ldwc.Filter()


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