Bowerbuilder datawindow autosize problem

You have a datawindow. Datawindow has an Autosize Height set to Details band. You insert a row, set a long string value to some field expecting that field to be auto-sized. And it is, but you don't see a text as Details band does not auto-size. What to do? Whan way to fix this is to call Sort() somewhere after you set v the value fro the datawindow to refresh and auto-size to take effect. But that does not work all times ( for example ... you dont want to sort data now). Another way is to set: dw.Modify ( 'DataWindow.Header.Height.AutoSize=yes') This will also make datawindow to resize all the bands and auto-size will take effect then.


Ikea BILLY Bookcase and VW Passat station wagon

If You were wondering if Ikea Billy Bookcase (Article Number: 390.178.39) would fit to transport in WV Passat station wagon than answer is Yes, I would guess even maybe 2 or 3 bookcases would fit there (though you have to move front passenger seat as far as possible). Packages: 6 Article Number Packages Width Height Length Diameter Weight 50263838 3 15 ¼ " 39 cm 2 ½ " 6 cm 81 ¼ " 206 cm - 47 lb 7 oz 21.53 kg 90263860 3 14 " 35 cm 2 ¾ " 7 cm 14 ¼ " 36 cm - 9 lb 4 oz 4.19 kg


BattleCity game using Phaser.IO, part 4 – simple collision.

In the last part we created moving player tank in our city, but it can move anywhere through the walls without any collision. So in this part we will investigate hwo to enable collision detection between our player tank and city walls. Also we will enable and outputt some debugging information to better understand what exactly happens on our map. To enable collision between our tank and walls/city  we have to enable collision for tiles ( now we will just enable collision for all tiles of our tile set ). In  create function, after add tileset, add: [code lang="js" htmlscript="true"]map.setCollisionBetween(1, 10000);[/code] Also we have to enable player tank physics, in create function, after game add sprite, we add: [code lang="js" htmlscript="true"] game.physics.enable(player_tank); player_tank.body.collideWorldBounds = true; [/code] In update function we add collision check of player vs layer: [code lang="js" htmlscript="true"] game.physics.arcade.collide(player_tank, layer); [/code] One note: after doing all this, collision still was not working. I found that it was realated to scaling. You should change layer.scale.set(2); to layer.setScale(); and it is fixed. Debugging collision. To see collision rectangles you could add [code lang="js" htmlscript="true"] layer.debug = true; [/code] after layer creation and also add a render callback function (in…


BattleCity game using Phaser.IO, part 3 – using Visual Studio Code.

This will be a little go back to setting up development environment. I have noticed that in some networks is blocked by network providers firewall, that complicates developing using Cloud9 - you will net be able to preview your project. Another good tool you could use is Visual Studio Code. Download the tool, install it. As we already have our project in github, just select Clone Git repository, enter your repository url and credentials and that is it. To have a quick way of previewing of our project without moving to server you can go to Extensions, search for Live Server Extension. By pressing Go Live you will be able to quickly host your files and preview locally. Visual Studio Code has nice source control integration so you will be able to view your changes and commit and push them from UI.  


BattleCity game using Phaser.IO, part 2 – move it!

In this part we will create our player tank, add animation of our moving tank (moving left, right etc) and perform actual tank movement on pressing of corresponding cursor keys. In preload function we should load our spritesheet. Actually it is the same image as we used for tilesheet and same spritesheet will be used for our player and enemy tank sprites and animations. [code lang="js" htmlscript="true"] // load spritesheet for our player and enemies, all of them use same spritesheet game.load.spritesheet('tanks', 'assets/tilemaps/tiles/battlecity_general.png', 16, 16); [/code] Next we should declare some new variables, one for our player tanks and one for cursor keys. [code lang="js"] var player_tank; var cursors; [/code] In a create function we will create our player tank, define animations for our player tank movements. Also here we will create object responsible for reading cursor keys. Enable our player tank physics, set scale of our player tank sprites. [code lang="js"] //create cursor key handler cursors = game.input.keyboard.createCursorKeys(); //create our player tank, position it at x,y and use sprite sheet 'tanks' player_tank =, 448, 'tanks'); //enable physics for our player sprite so we could move it etc game.physics.arcade.enable(player_tank); //set initial frame for our player sprite player_tank.frame =…


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