Making ZX Spectrum edge connector

If You are a little bit into retro computing and would like to experiment with ZX Spectrum computer outputs or make some extension board for it for some prototyping, then you need ZX Spectrum edge connector ( if we talk about original ZX Spectrums ). It is easy to make one by Yourself, just buy some regular 28x2P 56P 2.54mm 0.1″ edge connectors on ebay and saw off both ends of it so they could be used for ZX Spectrum, done.

UT61E digital multimeter schematics and integrated circuit datasheet

Uni-t UT61E Multimeter - Circuit diagram

ES51922 application circuit for ES51922 datasheet.

ES51922 application circuit.png

In UT61E 1some features of ES51922 are not used and can be enabled by simple hardware diy:

112 APOSEL I Idle time selection for auto power off feature.

58 SLEEP O Sleep mode indicator, asserts low in SLEEP mode.

105 BKOUT O If BKLIT function is enabled, this pin will change from –3V to +3V
For 60 sec, once press BKLIT pin again within 60 sec, this pin will
Change back to –3V

102 BKLIT I Back light function. Pulse low to set BKOUT pin output.

113 BKSEL I Set to V- to change the backlight idle time from 60 sec. to 180 sec.

UT61 series Operation manual.