Testing of Clone PI AVR metal detector

Some years ago a have started building Clone PI AVR. Made a PCB, soldered all the components and … and never found time to finish it until today. Well I haven’t finished it yet but at lest gave it a first test run. For the screen and buttons i have re-purposed some front panel of some old router. Now i see that i will have to put it in to another box for better mounting on the metal detector itself but this time it was good enough for test run. For Atmega programming I used Mini Pro TL866 programmer I have bought while ago – works like a charm. You can see some photos and video on work in progress.

Programming Atmega8




Circuit of Clopne PI AVR:



HEX file for burning Atmega 8 and PCB Sprint layout.

Atmega8 fuses
Atmega8 fuses
Flashed Atmega8
Flashed Atmega8

4 thoughts on “Testing of Clone PI AVR metal detector”

  1. hello congrats, can you give more detail about tl866 programing avr, because i made the same proyect but program doesn´t work

    1. Hello. Make sure the fuse settings are correct for the avr (I will post my setting later). Also check that it is powered at all, with some multimeter on avr pins 7,8.

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