Interface 1bis file not found error

Purchased Interface 1 bis for the ZX Spectrum. There are plenty information about it and installing and preparing SD card on manufacturers site But I have encountered a problem - could not start it and was allways getting "file not found" error.Did all steps described in troubleshooting video Loaded OpSys from PC using LOAD command, program loads OK. But when I do NEW and then RUN I get "file not found" error. Solution I found was that I had to repeat all prepare SD card steps, but additionally had to add comparability with Windows 8 (and run as administrator off course)…

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Some links for ZX Assemlby programming

Making games in ZX Spectrum assembly book ( russian lang.): to write ZX Spectrum games tutorial in English: ROM routines: instruction set: in FB dedicated for Z80 assembly programming: forum link: forum (ru): more books (ru):

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