Another ZX Spectrum 48K

Maybe I got carried away.. but here is another non working rubber keyboard ZX Spectrum I got (s/n D01-257600).

Its interesting regarding those serial numbers, some are 01 some D01. I really would like to know what do they mean, if they mean anything ? Found one site that has list of some serial numbers and has a form to submit more. Probably later I will submit them serial number of my ZX Spectrum machines. But now, back to this one..

On the outside it has some bruises and scratches, also it has lost all of its rubber pads, but inside looks good.

Actually it looked so good that I powered it immediately and saw nice working home screen. But after pressing some keys found than none of them work. No wonder why because when opened the box immediately found reason.

Keyboard membrane connector was cracked near the connector and was totally broken near the membrane, So, it seems that now I am looking after replacement membrane,

To be continued.

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