Nokia (6131 in my case) flashing (programming)

Good info here –

In a nutshell:
1. Clean PC from any nokia software:

2. Restart PC

3. Download and install Pxoenix 2009
4. Download and install Your phone firmware
5. Restart PC
6. Connect phone to PC using USB cable
7. In Pxoenix 2009 – manage connections, add and apply USB connection
8. Scan product (Ctrl+R)
9. If phone not found – check cable
10. If still no luck – GO TO 1.
11. Select Flashing->Firmware update
12. Select product (if not selected)
13. Press Refurbish
14. Pray…
You can also Flash dead Nokia which does not start – then:
in a step 7 select No connection (remove other connections)
in a step 8 just select Open product and select Your product
And everything at Your own risk !

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